May 30, 2011

May 28, 2011

Sport of Kings

"It's the 'Sports of Kings' and even if the phrase was created by some early version of the Waikiki tourist board, most surfers nonetheless wear the designation with quiet pride."
Matt Warshaw in The History of Surfing (2010).

May 25, 2011

Hugh Yew

Hugh's got his own blog going on here.

May 23, 2011

Surfing at 6 Months

Currently known as Boris, Katherine taking out our soon to be here son for a few early slides. 

May 21, 2011

Fluid & Effortless

"The experiences I've had on fishes seem to be the most effortless and most fluid out of all the surf crafts I've ridden. It seems to have it's own source of speed and glide - kind of like a natural hull, like it has it's own natural movement that just keeps it rolling forward, it's own momentum."
Dave Rastovich in The Surfer's Path Issue 61 (2007)

May 14, 2011

On Crowds

"It seems like the ones who have just accepted the crowd factor are the most happy and content."
Patrick Trefz in Surfing World 304 (2010)

May 13, 2011


I think most of us are okay with wearing wetsuits when we start to enjoy Winter waves and diminished crowds. Sweet one from last year.

May 9, 2011


Introducing Michelle, Sealegged's very first team rider. All her boards are on the house. Seen here right in the sweet spot on her sweet as latest ride. Pays to be married to a shaper.

May 7, 2011

Fun Plus

"For the man, surfing is freedom and youth rediscovered, and for the boy, a means of expression vital to his being. For both, it's fun."
Fred Wardy in Surfer Magazine Vol 46 No. 8 (Aug 2005)

May 6, 2011