September 30, 2011

September 28, 2011

Great Expectations

One of those fleeting moments that makes surfing so good - the anticipation of the ride ahead as you feel the rails and plan your first move.

September 26, 2011

Azza & Jason

Two good men. Azza's the man behind Sealegged surfboards, captured here by Jason Smith - also above  in his own self portrait. I'll be featuring some of Jason's photos over the next few Mondays. He's the real deal!

September 25, 2011

Boday Bashing

Body surfing sounds far more graceful but often the reality is that our local "body bashing" nickname is far more apt. I know I had a lot of fun getting some close out views last summer with some fins I picked up for $15. Stoked.

September 23, 2011

Lady Slides

Michelle on her 100% hand crafted Sealegged stoke enhancer.

September 19, 2011

Summer's Coming

With all this warm weather of late it's clear that Summer's just around the corner. Short interval, locally generated and wind affected swells abound, but in a way I know I'm still looking forward to it! Must be something to do with the long days, barbeques, warm water and all the rest that is part and parcel of our Summer.

September 17, 2011


Surfer Dane showing how it's done on a longboard.

September 16, 2011

Mid North Sliders

Some slides enjoyed last winter on the mid north coast. Photos courtesy of the Smithmyster.

September 14, 2011

Small Corner Runners

Small fun waves with a small mellow crowd, I didn't hear any complaints out there.

September 12, 2011

September 10, 2011

Classic Inspiration

One of my favourite sections from one of my earliest favourite surf movies, Searching for Tom Curren. This was the first time I became aware of the fish design.

September 7, 2011

September 5, 2011

A Different View

From the water and black & white, as captured by Jason Smith.

September 3, 2011

Epic Winter

Here's a short video with a few of the heavier waves that were ridden around these parts this winter. I haven't actually taken many photos recently, been busy being a new dad : ) or getting out amongst it myself. It was such a good winter though. Lots of swell, with offshore sunny days and good crowd numbers and water temperatures.

September 2, 2011

Sealegged Stubby

Depends where you wanna go on a wave of course, but I reckon Azza's onto a super fun, super functional shape with his stubby. Check them out on his new Sealegged site