March 19, 2011

Sealegged Surfboards

Sealegged Surfboards from Thomas Stockwell on Vimeo.

More and more surfers seem to be discovering the massive amounts of stoke that varied surfcraft can give. There's no denying the shreddability of a super light 6'0 thruster, but there's a whole bunch of cool sensations to be had on a wave that these boards can't provide. And as anyone with a well stocked quiver knows, there's always boards that go better in specific conditions. Azz from Sealegged Surfboards rides what he shapes and has a surf stoked grin to prove it. He's a local Central Coast surfer-shaper making old school longboards, fishes, quads, mid lengths and more. Here's a little taste of what he does and some contact details. Catch up with him and have a yarn about riding your own completely hand made, customized surfboard.

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