June 14, 2011

Send Your Photos

A week or so ago someone I know well, who shall remain nameless, passed comment on my photos. To paraphrase they reminded me that I've been posting photos here for over a year now, but went on to tell me that they've seen little improvement in my photos and if anything the quality of my posts may be getting worse... it's just that you don't take enough time, they said.

Ouch. The things people close to you can say! So after about 5 seconds contemplation I conceded that yes, it was a valid point. I guess I know that I'm a surfer first and a photographer second (actually there's a number of other things in my life that would go in that equation, but as a figure of speech I'm a surfer before I'm a photographer). 

And when I do have time to get out and amongst it, my passion is for riding waves rather than watching them being ridden. But I do like watching and capturing them being ridden sometimes, when I'm in the mood, or I've got an injury or a cold... 

However I will try and lift my game, spend a bit more time on the beach catching the moments, and sorting out the digital pile of photos in the folder. I'm still a big fan of celebrating the everyday surfers getting out there experiencing some pure surf stoke. 

I'm actually hoping you can help. If you have some photos of regular 'surfer joes' then feel free to send them my way and I'll post them up here. They can be of you or your mates or family, longboarders, shortboarders, bodysurfing - whatever. You retain the copyright etc and I can add a link to your own blog/page/site, just email them to surferjoephotos@gmail.com 

Looking forward to seeing your photos.


  1. I don't know who could have said such a thing! Shame on them :)

  2. You can count on me! I'll be sending you a couple of photos, IF you accept them from other countries :-)

  3. Absolutely! Thanks Filipe : )